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All violets are $6.00 unless otherwise noted. Violet leaves are $2.00.

The shipping season is from April 1 - October 31, weather permitting. In warmer climates, if the weather allows I will ship year round.

Packing and shipping $15.00 plus .35 per plant after the first 15 plants. Minimum order $15.00.

Leaves only orders are $8.00 for packing and shipping.

Please list a few substitutes, just in case. Texas residents please add 8.25% sales tax.

SPECIAL : 8 VIOLETS (my choice) all labeled and different FOR $48.00 shipping included. You can designate, standard, miniature and semiminiature or trailer or how many of each.

Supplies and Oyama pots and Dandy pots available.


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Pay Pal or make checks payable to:

JoS Violets

2205 College Drive

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361 575-1344





Sales Tax (Texas only) 8.25 %